Dental Logo Ideas - Logo Design for Dentists and Dental Clinics

To really be successful in the dentistry profession these days you have to treat your dental clinic as a business. If you have just opened up your practice or are looking at increasing patient numbers then you must have a marketing plan in place. A key part or your marketing strategy should be to have a professional looking dental logo design developed for use on your signage, promotional materials and business letterhead.

Below we offer some ideas on dental logos and what kind of designs modern dentists are going for. You should get some basic ideas on the kind of design that you want for your practice. This will help you when it comes to communicating your desires to a graphic designer.

The Importance of Dental Clinic Logos

Customers have to make decisions about which product or service they use everyday. Some of these decisions are made rationally and some irrationally. These days, many customers develop perceptions of businesses before they even have any experience with them. If you can make a great first impression on prospective patients with your logo design then you stand a good chance of getting an enquiry from them.

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In the long term a logo should be part of the branding strategy that you use to develop a well known and reputable dental brand in your market. Your dental logo will come to be a visual representation of the high standards that you offer your patients. It will embody all of the goodwill that you build up as a dentist over the years.

Common Images for Dentistry Logos

The American Dental Association created an official emblem for dentistry in 1965. It has no copyright so any practicing dentist can use it as their logo or incorporate the symbol into their logo. While some dentists may use the design on their marketing in certain ways, very few modern dental practices use it in their logo. It looks kind of old fashioned and is not very marketable due to the fact that few members of the public recognize it for what it is.

The most common approach that designers use with dentist logos is to include images that are obviously related to the dental profession. Images that can help to identify you as a dentist include a tooth, teeth, a smile or a toothbrush. Do a Google image search on the Internet for 'dental logo' and you will find some great examples of the designs that are being used by dentists around the world.

Some of these images have become a little 'over used' though, so your designer would have to put a unique spin on them to create a design that separates your practice from other dental surgeries. Alternatively you can use an image not directly related to dentistry. It could be an image related to your area, yourself as a dentist or something about your service that is special in some way.

Your choice of image should be suited to your market. If many of your patients are children for example then you may look for an image that gives the impression that you are friendly, approachable and not totally lacking in humor.

Popular Colors for Dentist Logos

Color combinations play an important part in determining how effective a design is. Great logos are usually fairly simple and are composed of a minimal selection of colors. Excessive use of color can make a logo appear to be amateur and cluttered. Your logo should look good in black and white so that your letterhead can be faxed or photocopied with weakening its impact.

Blue is a common color on dental logos as it gives the impression of a business that is reliable and professional. White is also popular as it alludes to cleanliness and hygiene and is, after all, the color that we associate with healthy teeth.

Lettering and Font

It is surprising how a theme or mood can be conveyed through the font or style of lettering that a designer uses. Various fonts can give the impression of being modern, relaxing, assuring, bold, professional, classic and more.

Ask your designer to come up with a few separate fonts that fit your specifications for your logo. Text logos can work well for dental centers but most dentists seem to prefer to combine text with a supporting image.

Ordering and Communication

The are many different options for getting a logo for your dental clinic. The best way to get one that is reasonably priced and designed with your specific needs in mind is to order a custom logo online. Depending on the company and package that you order you should have several designers create some concepts according to the brief that you give them. You can then have them make adjustments to the designs until you are satisfied with the outcome.

In order to get a logo that is a perfect match with your dental practice you should provide your designers with as much information as possible about your clinic. Let them know what kind of dental services you offer and let them know precisely who your typical patients are.

Give them a small selection of words to describe how you would like the public to perceive your clinic. You may want to present an image of being professional, affordable or modern to give just a few examples.

A great looking dental logo design will serve your clinic well for many years to come. An investment of several hundred dollars into a customized design should end up paying for itself many times over. Do yourself a favor and invest a little time and money into getting the right logo design for your dental practice.

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