Dry Cleaning Logos - Ideas and Inspiration For a Dry Cleaner Logo

A dry cleaning business represents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to run a small, local business that is unlikely to be threatened by the development of shopping malls and big box retailers. If you are looking at starting up your own dry cleaning business or are wanting to focus on improving the marketing of an existing dry cleaning operation then you will need a professional looking logo design.

In this article we discuss some of the common elements of dry cleaning logos and we discuss the importance that they play in the development of your business brand. We also offer advice and ideas for those looking for a design firm to create something suitable at an affordable price.

The Importance of Business Logo Design

The bar has been raised in most industries over the past few decades. No longer is a logo seen as something that is only needed by large corporations or fashion labels. These days, the public that make up the market for most goods and services expect any professionally run business to have a logo.

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A great looking logo will work wonders when it comes to bringing in first time customers. It can be displayed prominently on exterior signage and can also be used in printed marketing materials.

As you provide a quality service to your customers over the years, your logo will slowly come to represent all of the goodwill and reputation for high standards that you have built up. Your logo will become the symbol of your brand and the promise that you make to the market to consistently provide them with high quality dry cleaning and service.

Common Images on Dry Cleaning Logos

A logo can be as simple as text in a stylized format or it can merely be a symbol such as the 'Nike swoosh'. However, the most effective logo designs are usually made up of an image in combination with text.

Having an image that relates to dry cleaning such as a coat hanger or a neatly pressed shirt can help by sending out a message that clearly states exactly what your business does. In crowded markets though, you may find that these obvious images are already in use by your competitors. You may need a design with an original spin on an otherwise clich├ęd image or you may need something more abstract and unrelated to dry cleaning.

Another idea is to use imagery that relates to the way that you deliver your service. If you wanted to put forward an image of speedy service than your logo could incorporate an image to emphasize this. Looking around online I noticed that one dry cleaner has used the image of a man running and another has used a coat hanger on wheels with lines that emphasize movement and speed.

To get an idea of what other dry cleaners have done to brand themselves you should start by getting a good idea of what your local competitors are doing. Then check out some designs from around the world by doing a Google image search for 'dry cleaning logos'.

Color and Font

Other important design elements to consider include color choice and font or lettering style. These should compliment the image to create a design that is simple, memorable and unique.

White is one effective color for a dry cleaning logo as it is a color that symbolizes cleanliness and purity. Various shades of blue can also work well. Dark blue conveys an impression of trust and professionalism and thus can be effective on all business logos.

While shades of white and blue are the most common on logos in this industry, other combinations can work well too. The key is to remember to keep the design simple by using a minimal number of colors as too many can make for a logo that is cluttered and difficult to interpret.

There are many different fonts that can be used on a logo. Many of them can enhance the image of your dry cleaning business that you are trying to project. A good logo designer will offer a variety of fonts for you to consider.

Finding a Design Firm

Perhaps the most affordable and effective way to get a logo design is to order one online through one of the many companies that provide this service. Always choose a custom logo design package as this includes a unique logo that is designed with your business needs in mind. With the customized approach you also get plenty of input into the design process.

There are many custom logo design firms out there. Have a look at some of the packages and prices on offer and compare some of the guarantee and refund policies. Look at the design portfolios on their websites and see what they have done for dry cleaners in the past.

When you order such a package you will usually have to first complete a briefing form that outlines your requirements. Make sure that you communicate to your design team what your business is about and let them know the scope of the project. Give them a rough idea of what you want if possible and refer to examples online to show them what you like and don't like. They will then go ahead and put together some initial concepts for you to choose from. You can usually select the concept that you like and then request that it be fine tuned with alterations and adjustments until you are satisfied.

A logo design will cost you only a few hundred dollars in terms of your initial investment, yet if it is done right it will serve your business well for many years. In terms of marketing power it is hard to find better value for money. For these reasons you should put some time and effort into getting the great looking dry cleaning logo that you need to ensure the success of your business.

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