Fitness Logos - Ideas on Fitness Center and Gym Logo Design

It is important that you have a good understanding of your target market before you set out to get a logo design. Once you understand your market you can then order a design that will appeal directly to them.

In the following article we take a closer look at fitness logos and we offer ideas on getting an effective design for your business if you own a gym, fitness club or personal trainer business.

Projecting the Right Image

The fitness business is all about the human body and how individuals strive for health and perfection. In the fitness business you will typically want to push either the 'health and fitness' message or the 'strength and muscle' message.

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There are many other niche markets in the gym business these days though and depending on where you are located it may pay to go after one of these niches. The flavor of your logo should provide a hint as to whether you are a gym that targets serious, young body builders or whether you are a gym for those of all ages looking for casual light workouts and activities.

But there are other things that make one gym different from another. If you have a unique selling proposition then you may want to emphasize this in your name or logo somehow. Are you open 24 hours? Do you have a membership plan that is exceptional?

Common Gym Logo Images

The most common image for a gym or fitness center to feature on their logo is one of the human body. The form can be either masculine and muscular or a slim, feminine shape depending on the message that you want to convey.

We looked over a large variety of fitness business logos and noticed other common themes too. Exercise equipment such as barbells, dumbbells and treadmills can work well. A symbol such as a heart could emphasize the health benefits of regular workouts.

Movement is a common theme in fitness logos and the images of people and other objects used on many designs are made to look like they are in a state of movement.

Color Choice

When it comes to choice of color, anything can work well. Color combinations that are vibrant and bright are common in this industry although conservative colors can also suit some types of gym or fitness club better.

Bear in mind that logos are usually more effective when they are simple in design. Using excessive color can make a logo unnecessarily cluttered so the best designers will usually stick to only two or three colors. This can also make for a more versatile image, especially when it comes to printing.

Font Selection

Your designer should provide you with concepts that show a variety of font or lettering styles. The right font can also help to reinforce the message that you want to get across in your logo.

One thing that we noticed with fitness and gym logos is that they often use fonts that slope forwards, implying movement, progress or speed.

Working With a Designer

There are many online custom logo companies that can put together a design that is tailor made for your business specifically. Most of them feature portfolios of their previous work on their websites so you can look through and see how they have tackled gym and fitness logos for other clients.

Once you have chosen a design firm to work with you will have to complete a briefing form that sets out your requirements for the project. Be sure to give them as much information as possible about your business, your target market and your competitors. They can then design something that accurately represents your business.

Refer them to some examples of gym logos that you like or dislike so that they have some idea what you are looking for.

Many business owners hesitate to spend a few hundred dollars on a professional design. However, when you consider that a logo will be serving you over a period of many years it is easier to comprehend the value. A great logo will likely offer you a better return on investment than any other component of your marketing plan.

Get you gym or fitness center off to a good start with a great looking logo design.

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