Handyman Logos - Tradesman and General Contractor Logo Design Ideas

As a handyman or general contractor you are often expected to be a 'jack of all trades'. However, while you may be good with your hands, that doesn't mean that you should have a DIY attitude to every aspect of your business. Unless you also happen to be a talented graphic designer, you will probably want to outsource your business logo design to a professional.

In this article we look at the importance of having a great logo and we examine some of the typical characteristics of handyman logos. Lastly we offer some ideas on how you can go about getting the design that you need to make the most of the opportunities that are out there.

The Importance of Having a Great Logo

You may think that if you are starting out as a solo, independent contractor that you don't need a logo. This way of thinking is a little narrow minded though. A logo design can help you to establish a brand when your business is small and it can help that brand to develop as you grow into a larger business over time. Having a familiar brand with a good reputation will make it easier to win clients and to justify your pricing.

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A logo will act as the face of your brand and it will come to be the visual representation of everything that you have to offer.

Your logo should help you to stand out against your competitors. This is especially important when you consider that you may have to advertise alongside them in The Yellow Pages or elsewhere.

Common Images on Handyman and Contractor Logos

Before you order a design you must first think about what kind of business you want to be and how you want to be perceived by the market. Do you want to highlight the fact that you offer specific services such as being a painting contractor for example? Or do you want to come across as being a general contractor who is capable of anything. The images or symbols that are used on your logo design should help prospects to identify what kind of services you offer.

If you look over a variety of websites for tradesmen you will soon have an understanding of what images are popular on logos for these industries. General contractor logos often include a graphic of the handyman himself, looking capable and eager to help. These are usually in simple cartoon form. Tools are also often included as a feature, with a hammer, screwdriver, wrench or saw being the most recognizable in the toolkit. Lastly, it is common to include the outline of a residential house if this is the market that a handyman is appealing to.

For electrical contractors, plumbers or other tradesman there are also separate sets of images that are suitable and effective for use on logos for their specific trades.

Remember that there are no rules regarding the selection of an image except that is must be able to be incorporated into the overall design well. It should also make the logo appear to be original and unique. Stay away from clip art style images as these can looking really tacky and you may run into trademark issues.

A great designer will be able to take an over used image like a hammer and put an exciting new spin on it that makes it appear fresh and original.

Font Choice

The choice of font should compliment other aspects of the logo and play a role in supporting the overall message that the logo speaks to the market. Contractor and handyman logos usually use bold fonts that are easy to read, practical and modern. Stay away from historic looking cursive scripts that give the impression that the text was hand written.

Color Selection

Colors for logos in this industry are usually masculine with black and shades of brown, blue and red being quite popular. A good designer will limit the variety of colors that are used to make the logo so that it has maximum impact without appearing too cluttered.

Minimal color usage is typically good for lowering printing costs. A great design should also look good in black and white in case it has to be photocopied or faxed.

Working with a Designer

When you order a custom logo package online you will have to complete a briefing for so that your designer has an idea of what kind of design would be suitable. Try to convey as much information about your handyman business as possible including your services and competitive advantages. Refer your designer to some other examples of tradesman logos that you either like or dislike so that they have some idea of what you are looking for.

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