Photography Logos - Design Ideas for a Creative Photography Business Logo

Photography is an art form. If you want to be taken seriously as a creative professional then it is essential to have the right logo design. After all, if you don't have the creative edge and organizational ability to oversee the design of a professional looking logo, how can clients expect you to put together a portfolio of shots for them?

Photography is competitive and you need a bold image to represent your studio if you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace. You need a logo that is simple and stylish. It should really make a strong statement about you and your work.

Photographers need to place a little more importance on getting the perfect design than entrepreneurs in other industries do.

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In this article we look at some of the common elements of photography logos. We also offer advice to help you decide exactly what kind of logo you want to have as the visual representation of your company brand.

Photographer Style and Niche

There are many niches in the photography business. A more abstract looking logo can allow you to be more flexible and to jump from fashion photography to family portraits or any area of the business that takes your fancy. However, if you have your heart set on one niche, such as wedding photography for example you may then consider incorporating this theme into your logo design.

Let your designer know what kind of photographer you are and what kind of work you do and they will have a much better understanding of your needs. Do you want to come across as being sophisticated and modern or old fashioned and reliable? Do you want to be seen as being edgy or conservative?

You may even want to send your designer some of your favorite shots before they start on your initial concepts. A good designer may even be able to pick up on shapes or other elements in some of your favorite shots and include them in your logo somehow.

Remember that photography is often about the individual talent of a photographer rather than a team effort. Why not have a little bit of your personality or style in your business logo. Look for that 'special something' that makes you and your work unique and try to have that incorporated into the design.

Common Photography Logo Images

Some branding experts claim that you should make it obvious as to what business you are in when it comes to a business name and logo. In this regard it makes sense to include some common imagery into a logo design for a photography business.

The incorporation of a camera, the basic tool of the trade at first seems to be a little tacky and overdone. However, after spending some time looking at photography logos we noticed that designers are often able to incorporate the shape of a camera into logos in ways that look refreshing and not at all like clich├ęs. The basic shape of a camera with its rectangular body and rounded lens can be utilized by a designer in many ways and it is at least worthy of consideration as a focal point of a logo.

Other images that we noticed were coming up often include rolls of film, shutters and antique photography equipment as well as symbols for a camera flash and a picture frame.

Some photographers include their subjects as part of their logo design. A typical subject for a photographer in a certain niche could be a bride, a landscape, portraits, pets, fashion or food.

Many photographers have text logos that simply feature their names or initials but the results are usually less than memorable. Try to include at least some kind of image or symbol. Even abstract images that may seem totally irrelevant at first can end up working out well.

Suitable Colors

We noticed that many photography company logos are done in conservative looking color combinations that usually combine white with black or other dark colors. Others go for similar combinations but add a splash or spectrum of bright colors. What we found interesting was that some of the more conservative logos made us think of black and white photography while the more colorful ones brought images of color photography to mind.

Common Uses

Put some thought into how your logo design will be used once it is complete. It is likely that it will be used on everything from large scale signage through to business cards and promotional materials. Some photographers are even using their logo designs to watermark their images these day. A simple logo will serve you well here as it could be scaled to any size without losing clarity.

Once you have chosen a logo for your company it can be difficult to change at a later date. If a change becomes necessary then you risk losing a lot of the goodwill that you have built up in the logo. You will also be facing costs associated with re-branding such as design and printing expenses. Therefore you must make sure that you guide your designer into creating the ideal logo for your photography business first time around.

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