Pizza Logo Design - Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant Logo Ideas

To be successful with an Italian restaurant or pizzeria you need to get repeat business in your local area. If diners visit your establishment and have a positive experience they will surely come back for more.

A logo design is a great way to visually represent everything that is great about business. Ideally, people will not be able to look at your logo design without getting the desire to eat your cuisine and experience the atmosphere and service that you offer again.

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In this article we look at Italian restaurant and pizza logo design. This will give you some ideas to start off the discussion with your logo designer.

Target Market

Make sure that you let your logo designer know exactly who your target market is. An effective logo for a pizza delivery service is going to be very different from a restaurant offering Italian cuisine in a romantic setting. Think about the profile of your typical customer. Write a list of some words that describe them and the experience and cuisine that they are looking for. Your designer can then come up with a logo that will appeal to the crowd that you want to attract.

Color Combinations

The combination of green, white and red is a common choice for pizza logos. These are the colors that are represented on the Italian flag, and Italy is of course the home of pizza. People relate this color combination to Italian food so using these colors can be an effective way to give your business an image with an Italian flavor that people will automatically recognize.

People also associate the color red with pizza and Italian food in general due to the tomato sauces that are one of the key ingredients of this kind of cuisine.

If you have a pizza shop then you will undoubtedly want to have your logo printed on your cardboard pizza boxes. Bear in mind that printing will be cheaper and easier if your logo is fairly simple and makes use of a minimum of colors.

Pizza Logo Images

There are many common images that are used on logos for pizza restaurants and Italian eateries. These include character mascots depicting Italian chefs, the classic boot shaped outline of Italy itself and even the common tomato, which is a staple of Italian fare.

Bear in mind that Italian food varies from one region to another. You may want to suggest that your designer incorporates an image unique to a specific part of Italy.

Some pizzerias have gone for images that include an actual pizza though I don't feel that this is very effective. Pizzas contain a wide variety of colors and may make a logo unnecessarily complicated.

The scope to incorporate Italian imagery is even wider when you look at what Italian restaurants are doing. Wine, grapes and olives are great if you want to stick to the obvious.

Industry leaders Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza have logos with images that you would not associate with Italy or pizza and they still work well. Keep in mind that it is possible to stray off theme and still have a winning concept if your designer gets other design elements right. Trying to get off theme a little may be a good thing as you will definitely end up with a logo that helps you to stand out against competitors.

Ideally, your restaurant or pizzeria will have a unique name that will make the selection of an image a natural choice. Sometimes a great name can form a text logo without requiring any image to enhance it.

Choosing Fonts

Classic fonts can hint at tradition and old family recipes. However, they can sometimes be more difficult to read so you may consider also using some block lettering, at least for key words like 'Pizza' or 'Italian'.

Ideas on Shape

While logos are typically square or rectangular in shape it is not uncommon to see logos that are round or even triangular. Pizzas are obviously circular and a slice of pizza is triangular so you may consider discussing this with your designer. However, the image of pizza itself is, in my opinion, too complicated and clich├ęd for a logo in this industry.

Get your Italian restaurant or pizza shop off to a great start with a professional looking custom logo. Having a great logo will give you the solid foundation that you need to build a strong brand.

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