Security Logos - Logo Design Ideas for Security Companies and Systems

Many factors have driven people to be more security conscious over the past few decades and this trend represents an excellent opportunity for all kinds of businesses. From operating a security guard business through to selling and installing security systems, there are many niche markets that are ripe for the taking.

One thing that you will need to consider when you are just starting out in the security business is what kind of logo design you will need to represent your brand. In this article we offer some advice and guidance on what makes a great security logo. We tell you how to get ideas and inspiration and how to communicate your desires to your logo designer.

Why Logos are Important for Security Companies?

It is important to make a great first impression on people so that they will enquire about your service. A well designed logo can not only pull people in the first time but act as a symbol that reminds them of all of the positive experiences that they have had with you in the past. A logo is essential for building the brand that you need to thrive and grow your business.

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Sending The Right Message

Think carefully about the message that you want to convey to people in your target market. Your logo should inspire trust in people and give them the immediate impression that you are a reliable and trustworthy business that cares for their safety and security. Think about why prospective customers will be using your service and the property and people that they are wanting to keep secure.

Common or Unique Images?

Logos are often made up of a combination of image and text. Do a Google image search for 'security logos' and you will get an idea of what some of the usual images and symbols for this kind of logo are. Common images that symbolize strength and security include a star, a padlock, a shield and images of medieval armor and weaponry. Other logos have taken advantage of animals that fit the desired image and have incorporated eagles or guard dogs.

Going with an 'expected image' that is typical in the industry can help you to be identified immediately as a security company. On the other hand these kind of images have been over used and they may make it hard for your business to stand out. A great designer will be able to come up with a variation of one of these images that makes it distinguishable from other security logos. You could also go for an unrelated image that represents other elements of your service such as your personality, your reliability or your prices.

Choice of Color

Color choice on a logo can enhance the image of a security business and send a strong message that they are professional and serious about what they do. Colors can be symbolic and convey emotion so you should give some thought to this when choosing some meaningful colors that work well in combination. The concepts of strength and security can best be conveyed with the color blue, especially darker shades.

A good designer will limit the selection of colors down to only two or three. This will help to keep your logo simple and readable and it will make it easier when it comes to reproducing it in black and white.

Font Selection

As well as image and color, the choice of font will also influence the overall design. Security logos look good in heavier, bold fonts. A good designer should provide a variety of font samples for each design concept.

Working with a Designer

There are many options for getting a logo design online these days. Undoubtedly, the best way is to get a custom logo design. Many companies offer this service with a variety of packages, usually starting at around a couple of hundred dollars. Custom logos are great as this approach offers good value and gives you a lot of input into the design process.

Be careful when you fill out your brief so that your designers know exactly what kind of company you are and what kind of design you want to represent you. Provide links to logos in other industries that you love or the logos of your competitors in your own industry that you will be competing against.

A custom logo package will usually provide you with a number of initial design concepts from several different designers. You can then choose the one that you like the most and then work with the designer to revise the design until you are happy with the final product. Files are delivered via email so you can start branding your stationery or promotional materials right away.

A professional looking logo design will serve your security company well for many years to come. In terms of marketing power per dollar spent it is hard to get the return on investment that a winning logo design can bring you with other forms of advertising. Don't be a cheap skate and try to make your own logo or buy a generic template that may be sold over and over again. Get a customized logo design that is a perfect match for your security business and your target market.

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