Veterinary Logos - Inspiration and Ideas for Vet Clinic Logos

If you are going into business as a veterinarian and looking at opening your first clinic then a logo design should be high on your list of priorities.

A logo is important for a veterinary clinic as it gives it an identity that separates it from all the other vets operating in the same market area. A professional veterinary logo also helps to develop a brand for a clinic over the years as the goodwill that it builds up in the community increases.

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Let's take a look at how typical veterinary logos are made up and some of the common images that are used on them. This will hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration for communicating with your designer when the time comes.

Conveying the Right Image

A logo can be used to encourage people to respond favorably to your signage and advertising. However, to be successful in this respect it must be professional looking and it must send out the right message. It is important that you project an image that shows the value that your business places on the health and wellbeing of animals and their care and treatment.

Your logo may even help to clarify exactly what veterinary niche you are in if you are specializing. And if you target a certain type of client then your logo may be especially designed to reach out to this specific group of people.

Common Images on Veterinary Logos

While it is perfectly acceptable to have a basic text logo highlighting only the business name, many vets go for logo designs that also feature an image or symbol relating to animals. The main purpose here is to grab the viewers attention and help them to quickly identify the logo in question as one belonging to a veterinarian.

Veterinarians do have their own symbol which is known as the veterinarian's caduceus. This symbol is commonly used in veterinary school logos and is also adopted by a small percentage of vets as a part of their logo designs as well. While this does add a nice professional touch most of your customers will not recognize this symbol for what it is anyway so it is questionable whether it is worth including.

In some parts of the world a green cross symbol can be used to identify a veterinary clinic. Some vets even incorporate a red cross into their logo design as well although this does seem a little misleading.

More likely, veterinarians will go for logos featuring relevant animals in some way. These can be done in an animated style giving the appearance of a clinic mascot. They can also be done in a more abstract way by using shapes or silhouettes of animals. A paw print is another popular image.

Also common on veterinary business logos is the symbol of a heart, perhaps to represent the strong bonds that animals and people have. The heart can be a symbol of health as well as love.

Color Choice

Veterinarian logos can be colorful and fun depending on how you want to market the business. Vet logos typically use more conservative colors in comparison to pet stores and other pet related businesses. Darker colors like navy blue and black can give a more serious and reliable impression.

Font Style

There are many different kinds of font or lettering styles that can be used as part of a logo design. The style of font used can also help to enhance the overall message of the logo. Your designer should be able to show you a variety of concepts with a number of different fonts.

Getting a Professional Design

As a vet, your design skills are probably not up to a standard high enough to consider doing your own logo. With a logo being of such great importance you really have to outsource this critical task to the professionals. Using clip art or cheap templates that are sold over and over again to businesses won't cut it. By taking this approach you will end up with something unoriginal that may even get you into legal trouble at some point in the future.

Luckily there are a number a logo design firms operating online that can create some unique concepts for you that have been created and customized with your business needs in mind. With a custom logo you get a considerable amount of input into the design process at the beginning and along the way.

To ensure that your designer understands the kind of brand that you want to develop you should give them as much information about your clinic as possible. Let them know exactly what kind of services you offer and who your target market is. You can even refer them to some other logo designs that you like and they may be able to incorporate some elements of these designs into your logo.

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