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One company that is taking advantage of the demand for logo design contests or crowd-sourced logo design is 48HoursLogo. If you are considering running a project through their website then read on. We have put together a brief profile of their business and we have outlined how the process of running a logo design contest with them works. Lastly, we have provided some links to other sites so that you can see what others have said about this company. Well be adding to this list as we come across new reviews, opinions or complaints.


48HoursLogo.com was started by a group of freelance designers. Originally they handled design work that was outsourced to them by other design firms. They have since gone on to establish a logo design contest portal that is basically a variation of other sites in this niche like 99designs. The site has been online since it was launched in December 2009. You can follow 48HoursLogo on Twitter.

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Products and Services

The main service offered on 48HoursLogo.com is the hosting of logo design competitions. The site creates a marketplace that matches up those looking for a logo design with designers from all around the world. Users of the site can look through contests that are currently in progress and use the forum to discuss the process as well as other design and branding issues. Their site also features a selection of logos from recently completed contests so that you can have some idea of the quality that this system and its participants are capable of.

How it Works

You can get started on a logo design contest with just one $29 payment. Once you have seen the concepts that have been submitted and wish to proceed to the 'design revision stage' you can then go ahead and pay an amount for the prize money. The minimum amount required for the prize is $89.

Contest duration is, as the name suggests 48 hours. Users do get the opportunity to extend this for one day if their project balance is paid in full.

You will have to provide a brief before your contest starts so that the designers know what kind of logo you are after. This process is made easy as 48HoursLogo have you go through a simple questionnaire.

Once you receive some logo concepts (entries) you then have to rate them and provide some feedback to the designers. This will help them to clarify exactly what you have in mind and it will allow them to refine the designs to your tastes.

Once you commit to the contest by paying the prize money your contest will move into the 'design revision stage'. At this point you choose the three best designers and they then work on making revisions to the designs until you are satisfied and able to appoint a winner.

After the contest period ends you select a winner, they are awarded their prize money and you are given access to the source files for your logos in all of the main file formats. As the client or contest holder, you gain full legal ownership over the winning design.

Guarantee Policies

48HoursLogo do not typically offer refunds, although they will consider your case if you feel that the quality of the design work that you received was poor. If you were not happy with the initial designs that were submitted then you would only lose the initial $29 payment and would not have to put up any prize money.

User Reviews

We wanted to find out what people were saying about 48HoursLogo and if they had received favorable or negative reviews. While comments and complaints that you find online are not always fully reliable they can still be helpful in determining a companies reputation. As 48HoursLogo.com is fairly new and doesn't handle anywhere near the volume of business that the larger sites like 99designs and Crowdspring do, we found very little. Our findings are listed below.

1) One user posted a very brief 48HoursLogo review at BearlyCake.com. They stated that the process was very affordable and that the designs were mostly fantastic.

2) A blogger at cs36.com wrote a brief review of 48 Hours Logo and was positive overall. They noted that they chose the site due to the great communication that they observed between designers and clients.

Overall Rating - Not in the Top 5

To visit the website for 48 Hours Logo - www.48hourslogo.com