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Hatchwise is one of a new breed of websites that offer customers a way to tap into an international pool of design and creative talent for a relatively low price. They have effectively crowd-sourced design and creativity by allowing their customers to hold logo contests on their site and attract quality entries from around the world.

We wanted to learn a little more about this company and what they have to offer. In the following report we have set out a profile of Hatchwise.com and the services that it offers. We also provide links to pages on the Internet where people have posted feedback about them. We'll be adding to this list over times as we come across reviews or complaints.

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Hatchwise was founded in 2008 and started out with the name eLogoContest.com. They decided to change their name to Hatchwise in 2009 due to the fact that they no longer specialized in logos and now cover many different types of design and creative activities. You can learn more about Hatchwise at their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Products and Services

Hatchwise offer their clients the chance to outsource or crowd-source their design or creative project to talented individuals via the site. Clients basically use the site as a platform to host a contest for their project. They put up a certain amount of money, receive numerous entries, work with the designers to improve on the entries and finally appoint a winner.

Like the popular CrowdSpring site, Hatchwise handle much more than just design. They also host creative writing contests in areas like company naming, product naming, story writing, website content writing, poetry, resumes and more.

They offer many kinds of design contests such as business cards, stationery, banners, graphics and websites. We were naturally mostly interested in their logo design contests.

Contest holders can leverage Hatchwise to connect with designers. At the time we checked there were just over 9,900 creative professionals from 90 countries registered with the site. While this is a fairly decent number it is nothing compared to industry leader 99designs which has a pool of over 100,000 designers.

The Hatchwise site features a gallery of winning contest entries and you can also follow some of their contests as they take place.

How it Works

The standard length of a logo contest with Hatchwise is ten days. Contest holders start out by filling out a briefing form that lets designers know exactly what they are looking for.

A listing fee of $29 is charged for hosting a contest and a prize must also be put up by the contest holder. The minimum prize for a logo contest is $100. Ten percent of the prize is deducted by the site as a processing fee before it is paid to the designer.

You can choose to either pay the prize money in advance or wait until you see the quality of the entries. Contests usually get more entries and effort from designers when they are pre-paid as this lets the designers know that there is a guaranteed prize. They may not put a lot of time into a contest if they know that the contest holder is not seriously committed and that there may not be any reward at all for their efforts.

Once you contest has kicked off you will start to receive logo concepts within a relatively short time period. It is then a matter of reviewing the entries that you have received, rating them against each other and providing feedback and polite criticism to the entrants. This process will allow them to come up with better concepts and to make changes to their designs to please you even more.

As the contest concludes, you simple pick the design that you like the most, thus announcing a winner. The winning designer then receives their prize money and you are able to download the files with the completed logo artwork.

Guarantee Policies

Be sure to read the 'terms and conditions' on the Hatchwise.com site before you place an order. It is our understanding after going through the section of the 'terms and conditions' relating to refunds that contest holders are not able to have any of the fees refunded after they have been paid.

User Reviews

We did a little research online to try and find out what kind of reputation Hatchwise has among those that have used the site. We focused on viewpoints and reviews posted by contest holders rather than feedback from designers that participate in the contests.

1) Leigh Buchanan, writing for Inc.com did a comparison of four logo design companies by going through the process of holding a logo contest with each one. Buchanan then consulted an expert in design who declared the Hatchwise logo contest winner to be the best, beating out market leader 99designs among others.

2) On the forum at Whirlpool.net.au one poster felt that a lot of the Hatchwise designers were not so good but that there were some that he could work with. He ended up finding out that the winning entry in his contest was plagiarized from the logo of another company and he ended up getting a refund. He then went to Logo Tournament.com and got a logo that he is happy with.

3) Dave Lavinsky posted a Hatchwise review on GrowThink.com and included images of some of his contest entries. His overall impression of the service offered was favorable.

One anonymous user posted about Hatchwise on Quora.com. They were happy with the service but encouraged people to pre-pay their prize money to give more motivation to the designers.

Overall Rating - Not in the Top 5

To visit the website for Hatchwise - www.hatchwise.com