Logo Arena Review

Logo Arena is one of many websites that now offer business owners and individuals the chance to hold a design contest for their logo. Using the site as a platform, users can effectively crowd-source the design of their logo to talented creative types all over the globe.

We were interested to learn more about this logo contest site and to see how it compared to some of the other market players. We put together the following review that includes a profile of this company and how they operate. Lastly, we have included links to any user comments that we found online. We'll be adding to this list over time as we come across consumer reviews, complaints and opinions.

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LogoArena.com was launched in 2010 and has been developed by founder Usman Malik in partnership with Massimo Perini. They also have an Italian language version of the site at www.logoarena.it. The company is based in Waterloo, Ontario in Canada. You can follow Logo Arena at Facebook or on Twitter here.

Products and Services

LogoArena specialises in hosting logo design contests. The service that they offer users is the use of their site to run a contest and the chance to have access to hundreds of participating designers. Users or 'contest holders' put up some prize money, designers submit entries and then when the contest closes the contest holder appoints a winner.

Some logo contest sites like 99designs have grown into communities with over 100,000 designers. Logo Arena does not state how many designers they have registered. They do have a list of designer rankings on the site and according to this list it seems that they had 353 designers onboard at the time that we checked. Judging by the activity on the site we would imagine that they are one of the smaller players in the logo contest game.

Other site features include a forum, a portfolio of previous winning designs and access to many of the contests that are currently being held.

How it Works

Getting started with your first logo contest is pretty easy on LogoArena. First you have to fill out a form so that when your contest is listed designers know a little about your business and what kind of logo need. Contest duration can be five, seven or ten days.

Pricing depends on how much you want to offer in terms of a prize. Contests with higher prizes will usually attract more attention and receive higher quality entries. The minimum prize amount with LogoArena.com is $249 (The site deducts 15% before awarding this to the winner) and there is an administration fee of $10. One interesting feature that we saw was the option to leave 'a tip' in order to encourage more participation from designers. This 15% tip is then awarded to the second and third place entries in your contest (10% for second place and 5% for third).

Once you have completed the above process you then register with LogoArena, make a payment and then launch your contest live on their site. You then need to check the site for new entries as often as possible and provide the designers with ratings and feedback to guide them in the direction that you want the contest to go. The more guidance you give them, the more likely they are to come up with a great looking logo that is highly relevant to your business.

Upon the contest's completion, you then have seven days to appoint a winner. Once you do this you can receive the source files of your completed design. Once you approve them, the winner is paid his or her prize.

Guarantee Policies

We encourage you to read through the 'terms of service' on the Logo Arena site before making a purchase. While they do offer a money back guarantee on their site it seems that this is only available to contest holders that receive less than 50 entries in their contest.

User Reviews

We wanted to make it easy for consumers who are considering using Logo Arena. Before deciding on which logo contest site to use it is great if you can look for 'social proof' in the form of user reviews, comments and complaints.

We scoured the net looking for references on blogs, forms and consumer complaint portals. As Logo Arena is still a fairly new service we weren't able to find much so far. However, we'll be updating this space from time to time as we find relevant independent references. Our findings are listed below.

1) The blog called Wolfe.com posted a Logo Arena review, saying that they had used the service to create their site logo. They said that the service was great and 101 designers submitted ideas.

Overall Rating - Not in the Top 5

To visit the website for Logo Arena - www.logoarena.com