LogoMyWay Review

If you are looking at holding a logo design contest then you may have considered LogoMyWay. We were interested to learn a little more about this company and what it does so we put together a profile on them. We also spent some time looking for user reviews and complaints so that we could find out whether people recommend this website or not. Our results are as follows.


LogoMyWay was launched in 2008 by entrepreneur Joe Daley and is based in Ohio in the US. They operate on a similar business model to other design crowd-sourcing sites like 99designs although they focus only on logos. LogoMyWay stirred up some great publicity for themselves last year when they held a logo contest to design a new logo suitable for BP after the oil spill. You can connect with Logo My Way on Facebook and Twitter.

Products and Services

Like CrowdSpring, Logo Tournament, 99designs and others involved in running logo contests, LogoMyWay.com offers you the chance to run a competition for your logo design. Designers compete to come up with a design that you like and once the contest is over you award the winner with a predetermined amount of prize money. The advantage of this method over a regular custom logo is that the pool of designers is huge so you get a vast assortment of concepts from talented (and not so talented) individuals from around the world.

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Logo My Way boast a community of over 14,000 designers. While this is large enough to give you access to a variety of talented professionals it still pales in comparison to the like of 99designs with a community of over 100,000 designers.

Other benefits of using LogoMyWay include a dedicated design specialist to help you with your case and a legal contract giving you 100% full legal ownership of your new design. Other site features include a forum, a portfolio of past winners and the chance to follow contests that are currently in progress.

How it Works

You start off your contest by providing some information about what kind of logo you are looking for. You then choose the amount of prize money for the contest which can range between $200 and $1000. LogoMyWay charge a 10% fee on each contest.

You can opt to pay an extra $50 to hold a private contest if you don't want to draw a lot of attention to your company. There is also an option to give your contest heavier promotion if you desire.

Contest duration can be five, seven or ten days and you get the option to extend it for a week at no extra cost if you still cannot decide on a winner.

Once your contest is underway and the initial design concepts start pouring in you then have to be a little proactive in reviewing them. If you spend the time to rate each design and give feedback then designers will be able to modify their concepts or come up with new ones that are more in line with what you want.

At the end of the contest you choose a winning design and the designer is awarded the prize money. Your files will then be available to you and you can request any file types that you like for no additional charge.

Guarantee Policies

We went through the terms of use that are set out on the site to get an idea of what rights the customer would have to a refund if things didn't work out well. You will want to go over this yourself if you place an order. To us it seems that no refunds are given unless your contest and the seven day extension finish and you still have not received at least 40 designs.

User Reviews

We wanted to find out if the contest holders that have held contests on LogoMyWay.com have had good experiences using the service. We did a series of searches to look for reviews, complaints and opinions online. Apart from designer discussions about the service and promotional posts on blogs we were unable to find any reviews from users that had actually held contests.

A great starting point to learn about a company's reputation is the Better Business Bureau (BBB.org). They keep profiles on many businesses and give them a rating that ranges from excellent (A+) to poor (F). The LogoMyWay rating at the time that we checked was a C. The BBB had recorded one customer complaint in the past 6 months and that complaint had been closed with BBB assistance.

Overall Rating - Not in the Top 5

To visit the website for LogoMyWay - www.logomyway.com