Mycroburst Review - With a Focus on Logo Design Contests

In the following report we have profiled online logo design contest website Mycroburst. We start off by looking at some basic information about this company, its services and guarantee policies. We then provide links to user reviews so that you can quickly find out what people are saying about them online.


Mycroburst.com was launched in 2009. The company behind Mycroburst is called Guru Corporation and they have been involved in the online logo design business since 2003. They have several other brands in the industry with perhaps the most well known of these being Logo Design Guru. Logo Design Guru started out doing custom logo designs but now operates on the same business model as Mycroburst. The two sites essentially offer the same service with the same system and pool of designers.

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One Mycroburst article was published as a press release in Yahoo News. You can also learn more about them on their Facebook page here.


Mycroburst are a design market place that brings together designers from around the world and clients looking for design work. Their system is very similar to the crowd sourcing design model pioneered by 99designs. Clients basically hold a design competition, receive entries from designers around the world and later appoint a winner after the designs have been refined to their liking.

They have a design pool of well over 33,000 designers. This is considerably smaller when compared to some of the market leaders like 99designs which have over 100,000 designers.

We were mostly interested in their logo design contests although they also offer contests for a range of other design tasks including websites, marketing materials, banner ads, business stationery and more.

They offer live support online and can be contacted by telephone on weekdays during business hours EST. They are also quick to answer user questions via email, Facebook or Twitter.

How it Works

Getting a logo design competition underway is easy at Mycroburst. The minimum prize that you can set for your contest is $199. However, if you are able to go higher then you will almost certainly attract more attention to your contest and it is likely that the volume and quality of the entries will be even better. In addition to the prize money that you have to put up there is also a listing fee of $19 and a 7.5% credit card processing fee.

Once your contest begins you will start to receive logo concepts from the designers. You can then communicate with designers by giving them feedback on necessary revisions and rate the designs that you have received so that designers get an idea of what you like. Users can also browse other contest that are taking place in the community and invite other designers to take part in their contests if they haven't done so already.

A contest typically lasts for seven days. Once it has come to an end you appoint a winner and receive you artwork source files via email. The trademark rights to the design are also released to you as the new owner.

Guarantee Policies

Mycroburst do heavily promote their money back guarantee on their site. However, their refund policy is subject to conditions. We have summed up our interpretation of these conditions below although you should be sure to read the 'terms and conditions' on the MycroBurst.com website before placing an order.

When you start off a new contest you have an option to 'guarantee' your contest or not to. By doing so you are giving up your right to a refund. The problem is that if you don't guarantee your contest then designers will be less attracted to it as they cannot be sure if a prize will be awarded or not. It is recommended that you do guarantee your contest so that you can attract more serious entries.

If you don't guarantee your contest you are able to have the prize money refunded but not the additional fees that you paid (listing fee, processing fee and upgrades). If your project attracted more than 30 design concepts then you will also forfeit an additional $50 that is awarded as a prize to the designer with the best ratings in your contest.

User Reviews

We searched the web looking for opinions, viewpoints, complaints and reviews relating to the Mycroburst service. We have outlined our findings below.

As this review has been written for the benefit of customers who are considering using the Mycroburst service we have focused primarily on customer reviews rather than designer reviews. As Mycroburst.com is a fairly new service we could not find many references. The only Mycroburst complaints that we found have come from designers who have used the site.

We found some Mycroburst reviews and testimonials from customers on Youtube.com. To the right of the video you will also see links to video testimonials from several other Mycroburst users. They all praise the convenience of the service and the variety of concepts that they received.

Overall Rating - Not in the Top 5

To visit the website for ‘Mycroburst' – www.mycroburst.com