Custom Logo Reviews and Ratings

We set out to do a comprehensive review of some of the more popular online custom logo providers. Hopefully the following rankings and reports will offer online shoppers some guidance as they compare logo companies prior to making a decision to order. You can also scroll down to see our ranking criteria.

We rated The Logo Company as the best all-round custom logo design option. LogoNerds made second place on our list. Click on the links below to read a full review of each company.

Our Top Five Custom Logo Companies

1) The Logo Company
2) LogoNerds

3) LogoMojo
4) Logo Design Team
5) LogoWorks

Not in Our Top Five - Listed Alphabetically

- Biz-Logo
- Infinity Logo Design
- LogoBee
- LogoCare
- Logo Design Pros
- Logo Genie
- LogoInn
- LogoLabs
- LogoMaid
- LogoYes
- My Corporate Logo
- The Logo Loft

Ranking Criteria

For each of the companies above we examined the prices that they offer and exactly what is included in each of their custom logo packages. We also looked at other details about the service that these companies offer including their delivery times and guarantee policies. And we did a little research to find out if they had won any design awards or if they had been reviewed favorably in the mainstream online media.

We took into account the reputation of these design firms in the market, their size and for how long they have been established.

Most custom logo design websites have a portfolio on their website where visitors can see examples of work that they have carried out for clients in the past. We took some time to glance through these designs from a variety of industries while making a note of the volume and quality.

Lastly, we assessed consumer opinions towards these logo providers by searching the Internet for independent, unbiased reviews on forums, blogs and consumer websites. In some of the reviews above we have summarized and provided links to a variety of consumer comments, complaints and other feedback.

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