Logo Genie Review - Profile, Feedback and Complaints

There are numerous custom logo providers online these days and more seem to be arriving all the time. Below we have set out our review of Logo Genie.

We start out with basic details about this company and the services that they offer and lastly we examine some of the customer feedback and complaints relating to them that can be found online.

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Logo Genie is an online custom logo provider that also offers stationery, website and banner design. They claim to have provided their customers in the US and around the world with over 10,000 logo designs with a 99% satisfaction rate. The have no address listed on their website and we suspect that they are based outside of the US.

Design Packages and Prices

On the Logo-Genie.com website they offer a range of custom logo design packages. Their 'Startup Package' for $89 includes 2 initial concepts by one different designer. Their 'Standard Package' for $169 includes five logo concepts by two different designers. Going up in price from here you can get a variety of other packages that also include additional services like stationery design, website design and flash logos.

According to the logo-genie.com website all three packages include unlimited revision rounds so you are able to make slight changes to your chosen design until you are satisfied with it. However, in their terms and conditions they state that once you reach your limit of revisions, each revision round will be charged at $50. This seems contradictory in our opinion.

Users get full rights to their final logo design although the rights to the samples (unselected concepts) remain with Logo-Genie.

Guarantee Policy

The following is our interpretation of the refund and guarantee policies set out by Logo Genie. Check their website for the precise wording.

Logo Genie currently have no refund policy. If you don't like the initial samples that they offer then you either have to proceed or forfeit your money. However, it seems that they only collect $89 up front and charge you for the balance before final delivery. So no matter which package you order you only risk losing $89.

They do however offer a satisfaction guarantee. Our interpretation of it is that if you don't like the initial designs that they present you with then they will work with you to make revisions until you are satisfied. In other words they will modify the design until you are satisfied. It seems that this satisfaction guarantee only covers the revision process and not the initial designs.

Delivery Time

All packages state that they have a one to three day turnaround time so you can get your logo design delivered quickly. Bear in mind though that you need to also allow time for revisions as it can take time to bounce emails back and forward requesting small changes.

File Formats

Files come in all common formats including GIF, JPEG and TIFF. With all packages you are given the editable source files for your logo design.

Design Awards and Media Coverage

After an intensive search online we were unable to find and reference to the Logo Genie team having won any awards for the quality of their design work.

Design Portfolio

One great way to assess the design expertise of a custom logo provider is to examine their website portfolio. The Logo-Genie.com website includes a huge gallery of samples showing some of the previous work of their designers. These include samples from a variety of industries that include everything from accounting logos through to travel logos.

Assessment of Opinion and Reviews on the Internet

We scoured the Internet, looking for consumer feedback relating to Logo Genie and the services that they offer. Surprisingly we were unable to find any feedback, comments or complaints about them that were positive or negative.

Overall Rating - Not in the Top 5

Website Address - www.logo-genie.com 

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