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This is a profile of the online logo provider Logomaid and the custom logo design service that they offer. We have also scoured the web looking for references and reviews of this logo firm and have reported our findings below.


We were unable to establish exactly where Logomaid.com are based but judging from the addresses listed on their website it seems that their design work is done in Slovakia. They also claim to have a marketing office in Florida. The company behind Logomaid is called Vilords Media.

Design Packages and Prices

Logomaid offer a wide range of logo design options to customers. These options include pre-made logo templates, custom logo designs and station. They also offer stationery and website design packages.

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They offer range of generic logo templates that you can purchase and then customize with your business name. They have a selection of exclusive offerings (these will supposedly only be sold once and then removed from their catalogue) and non-exclusive offerings which could be sold to more than one business.

For this profile page we have only focused on their custom logo design services. We highly recommend this option as being much better value as you have a better chance of getting an original design that is a good fit with the brand image that your business needs to develop.

The custom logo services offered by Logomaid are fairly expensive when you consider what is offered. Below is a summary of package details and prices.

Three custom logo design packages are offered on the Logomaid.com website. These include a 'Basic' package for $299 which includes four logo concepts completed by two different designers and two rounds of revisions where small requests for changes can be made. Also on offer is a 'Gold' package for $399 which includes six design concepts by three different designers and a 'Platinum' package for $599 including eight concepts by four different designers. Both the 'Gold' and 'Platunium' packages offer unlimited rounds of revisions that give the client a chance to make small changes to the design until it is what they want.

The full copyright to logos sold by Logomaid is transferred to the buyer except in cases where the buyer has purchased a non-exclusive logo.

Guarantee Policy

Logomaid do not issue refunds on their logo designs after a purchase has been made. According to the Logomaid.com site they offer a satisfaction guarantee although they fail to provide details on exactly what this includes.

Delivery Time

Logomaid have a turnaround time of 48 hours so you can expect to get your initial designs pretty quickly.

File Formats

Once logos have been completed, customers can access their design files on the Logomaid.com website and download them.

Design Awards and Media Coverage

It does not appear that this firm have won any design awards and we were not able to find any references to them in the mainstream media.

Design Portfolio

For those wanting to check out some of the work done by Logomaid prior to purchasing they do offer an extensive portfolio of more than 80 custom logos on the Logomaid.com site showcasing some of their previous jobs.

Assessment of Opinion and Reviews on the Internet

While you must take most of what you read online with a grain of salt, you can nevertheless strengthen your opinion of a company by the volume of positive or negative feedback and opinions that you read. This is especially so if they are coming from reliable sources. In the case of Logomaid, sadly most of the viewpoints are negative.

We found many complaints from bloggers and logo designers claiming that Logomaid have stolen or ripped off their logo designs. Somebody has already set up a whole blog devoted to this problem called Logomaid Steals Logos.

Apart from the dozens of references to Logomaid stealing logos from other designers and websites we were unable to find much in the way of feedback from customers who have actually used the service. There is also not a lot in the way of customer testimonials on the Logomaid.com site so it is difficult to say if customers have been satisfied with the service or not.

Overall Rating - Not in the Top 5

Website Address - www.Logomaid.com 

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