The Logo Loft - Review and Profile (Now Closed)

This report offers a comprehensive review of the online logo designs services offered by The Logo Loft. We start out by profiling the company and the services that it provides and then report the results from our search for consumer complaints, comments and praise towards this firm that can be found on the Internet.


Located in Montgomery Alabama in the US, The Logo Loft was established in 1998 and has provided over 18,000 businesses from around the world with logos. All of their logos are designed in-house and they don’t use outsourcers at all.

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Design Packages and Prices

The Logo Loft specialize in custom logo design services but also offer website design, stationery design, business cards, printing, brochure design and postcard design in some of their more advanced packages.

Their basic custom logo package which they call a ‘starter package’ is priced at $99 and includes one initial design by one designer. Clients are then able to request changes in one revision round.

They also offer a ‘bronze package’ for $239 and a ‘silver package’ for $329. These packages include more initial concepts by more designers and they both come with unlimited revision rounds.

In their terms of service they state that revisions to logos can be only minor with any major changes to the chosen concept requiring an additional $25 fee.

Customers are granted 100% ownership over their final design with The Logo Loft retaining only the right to display designs on their website or other promotional materials.

Guarantee Policy

Online shoppers looking for a custom logo should note that The Logo Loft does advertise a refund policy but if you check the terms of service you will see that it does not apply to their base or ‘starter’ package. They go on to say that this package should be for customers who know exactly what they want and that is why it includes one concept, one revision round and is not covered under their refund policy.

For the other custom logo packages consumers are eligible to get a refund if they apply. They can apply after receiving their first lot of design concepts within a specified time period but not after they have requested another round of design concepts or started their revisions.

They also ensure customer satisfaction by offering to design a free set of concepts for customers who are not happy with their initial designs. We were unsure as to whether this applies to their $99 base package as well.

Delivery Time

Delivery time is within three working days. They also claim to do revisions within three and five working days.

File Formats

Customers receive their final designs in a variety of file formats which include vector, Photoshop, GIF, JPG, TIFF and black and white format which gives clients a format for all purposes that may range from web, printing and signage. Customers are thus able to edit the source files that they receive. Other file formats are available if customers request them. Their design team are able to communicate directly with a clients printing company if they are unsure of the file formats that they require.

Design Awards and Media

After reviewing the website of The Logo Loft and searching the Internet we were unable to find any references regarding them winning any awards or design competitions.

There was recently a brief review of The Logo Loft in The Wall Street Journal in an article discussing and comparing online custom logo design firms including The Logo Company and Logo Design Guru. In the article they mention that a representative from The Logo Loft called them directly to walk them through some of the design options before they ordered.

Design Portfolio

For customers wanting to view examples of the work of The Logo Loft design team there is an extensive portfolio on their website containing a variety of over 200 samples of their work for a large range of business.

Assessment of Opinion and Reviews on the Internet

We scoured the Internet looking for reviews, references and complaints relating to The Logo Loft and their services. We were hoping to find a variety of consumer viewpoints but what we found seemed to be mostly negative.

1) One review of The Logo Loft on the RipoffReport.com complained about slow delivery times and being charged for services not rendered. The customer also had strong suspicions that only one designer worked on the project instead of the multiple designers that were promised. There were five complaints altogether on RipoffReport.com.

2) Another complaint relating to The Logo Loft on Complaintsboard.com stated that delivery was slow and that the designs were amateurish. The consumer in question also felt that the four concepts presented were only slightly different from each other.

3) DesignFirms.org had four comments as well. Of the four there were three negative comments and only one positive.

Overall Rating - Not in the Top 5

Website address – www.thelogoloft.com

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